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ToaCx4 - Thoughts of a Crazy, Constitutionally Conservative Christian

Ask the JaceMan, and He Shall Answer!

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I do not have Bio; I shower daily -- well, ALMOST daily! Ok, so maybe a little Bio, but I do try to keep it at a minimum.

Ok, so with all of that out of the way -- here is who I am...

I am a staunch, wide-eyed, sanctified, blood-bought, Spirit taught, Bible totin', Scripture quotin', Believer in the resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ. I enjoy discussing the two topics (politics and religion) that people are encouraged to never discuss. In fact, my dream is to one day host a conservative talk radio program. I've lived an amazing life and I love to share about what the Lord has done, and continues to do, for me. I consider myself "better" than nobody, but more "enlightened" than most. *wink, wink*

Lastly, I am proof that a guy does not need to be rich or good-looking to nab a woman. Heck in my case you don't even need to be polite, charming, or capable of tying your own shoes. I've found all that is required is to lovingly adore your woman. Well, it works for me!