JaceMan (jaceman) wrote,

Am I Wrong to Defend Myself?

I’m hoping to get some opinions here as to whether or not I’m properly handling this situation.

Mike Fitz runs a blog where he posted about his reasons for frowning upon TweeterGetter.  His conspiracty is that the big reason TweeterGetter is bad is because Gary McCaffrey is stealing passwords of Twitter users.  To me this notion is crazy for several reasons, but I tried just playing devil’s advocate and asking Mr. Fitz if he’s worried about that if he has or planned on posting the same warning for other services that request your Twitter credentials.

Technical jargon alert:  Of course, this problem isn't Gary's fault, it is a natural result of Twitter refusing to take advantage of  0Auth in their API.

Anyway, when I defended TweeterGetter one of Mike’s readers decided to make a childish, homoerotic, suggestion about my sexual preference.


I was disappointed to find that rather than admonishing his reader, Mike instead opted to result to joining in and calling me names.


When I called him onto the carpet about that, he attempted to deflect the entire issue.


I pointed out that I didn’t appreciate his comments nor the way he was choosing to handle the entire discussion.


I’d have to say, I’m done with the issue now.  I probably won’t be returning again, but I want to make sure that I have handled things properly thus far.  Your thoughts?


In the sake of fairness, the ENTIRE article, and my comments can be viewed HERE.

If I have handled things poorly or improperly, you have my permission to tell me so.

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