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Is TweeterGetter the Devil?

Ricci (along with several other internet marketers), at She-Sales Seminars is screaming foul, murder, calamity, and in all other ways, DECEIT over TweeterGetter.  TweeterGetter is a new viral Twitter community building application that works by allowing you to not only promote your own Twitter page, but also letting all of your followers promote your Twitter page too, while they promote their own.

In any event, many marketers are upset and say that Gary McCaffrey is “prostituting” Twitter.  I think it’s mainly jealousy speaking, as they can’t stand to see people taking “shortcuts.”

Those who don’t think it’s a shortcut claim that it just doesn’t work, because “ReTweeting Gary’s message only benefits him.”  They argue that your followers are already following you, thus you don’t gain any new followers and only Gary benefits.  This argument is easily proven false by acknowledging that yes, my followers are already following me, but THEIR followers aren’t!  When they sign up for TweeterGetter under me, all of their followers who see the value in TweeterGetter don’t just follow Gary, they follow me too!

Now for those same marketers crying, “Where’s the relationship in that?”  I ask you, is this not the same thing as the EXTENDED Networks found on LinkedIn?  Do those disgust you too?

What about this whole thing just being a ploy to get Gary more followers?  Well, if anyone signs up and doesn’t want to  follow Gary, they don’t have to — they can simply untick that box.  What this means is that not only is Gary not charging for his application, but he isn’t even making it a requirement to follow him to use it.  Which I don’t think would be unfair if he did.

I argued in the She-Sales Seminar thread that crying foul over someone getting a bunch of followers is stupid, because unless I provide quality content to my follower I won’t be keeping them anyway.  The fact is, if you follow me on Twitter and all I do is spam you, you’re not sticking around anyway.  The only way you remain a follower of mine is IF I provide value to your Tweeting experience.  Thus that “relationship building” they are complaining is missing is actually VERY MUCH PRESENT.  And if it isn’t present, then you lose your followers anyway — thus leaving their whole reason for waving the red flag null in void!

Face it folks, this is nonsense!  TweeterGetter is a great idea, and Gary’s only sin is that when he introduced it to the Twitter Nation he did so without Filsaime, Reese, Kern, Ambrose, or Belcher on his birth certificate.  Any attempts to masquerade this “boycott” as anything more than jealousy and slander is simply ridiculous.

Please Gary, take solace in the fact that not everyone is against you.

Good night!

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