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Ask the JaceMan, and He Shall Answer!

What is ToaCx4, and who is The JaceMan?

ToaCx4 (pronounced Toke Times Four) - Thoughts of a Crazy, Constitutionally Conservative Christian, is an open and PUBLIC opinion journal, advice column, and "fact sheet" fielded by The JaceMan (better known to friends and family as simply, Jace) for the purposes of counseling others on issues of:  religion (all variations), Christianity, spirituality, the christian bible, the nation (USA), government, politics, history, ethics, morality, and ANYTHING ELSE that you simply "need to know."

The JaceMan is a short, straight, middle-class, God-fearing, white, Christian male who enjoys country music.  By default, he is aware that makes him a [sarcasm] vertically-challenged, politically incorrect, hate-mongering, non-tolerant, closed-minded, bigoted and sexist redneck, whose privileged position leaves him calloused to the plight of others [sarcasm].

Now why on earth you would want to seek the advice or opinions of such a fool is beyond him, but if you do, he aims to answer!  The JaceMan pulls no punches, mixes no words, and doesn't worry if he offends.  At the same time, he turns his back on nobody and willingly offers advice to those who love him or hate him, cheer him or boo him, agree with him or mock him.  He believes that everyone is worth being heard and welcomes feedback from anyone, while simultaneously refusing to stifle himself.  In other words, if you want real, honest, sincere feedback, commentary, or advice you've found yourself in the right location.  But if you're searching for an avenue to be heard without listening in return, you're probably best to continue on as staying here will result in nothing more than your own disappointment.

If The JaceMan hasn't driven you away yet, then he (read, I -- on account of it's me who is typing *cheesy grin*) invites you to start a conversation or seek advice to the "problems" that plague you by clicking on the Leave a Comment link below and asking The JaceMan a question.  Rest assured, all questions will be answered in time!

Thank you,

The JaceMan


Important Disclaimer for Old Readers and Visitors
Although I haven't had as many "Ask the JaceMan!" sessions as I would have liked, I have decided that is what I enjoy most about LiveJournal. So, from this point forward (July 19, 2008), Ask the JaceMan is now the sole purpose of ToaCx4 (Thoughts of a Crazy, Constitutionally Conservative Christian), and will be used almost exclusively for this reason. I apologize, but I already have so many internet projects going on that I find myself coming here less and less because I have no real "PURPOSE" for posting here when I have so many other places and projects I already post. I am converting ToaCx4 to being an "Ask the JaceMan" blog full-time to give myself that needed purpose to be here and contribute so that you guys aren't constantly wondering where I'm at and what has happened to me. I hope you understand my need for having a purpose-driven blog. Thank you!

If you like my site, please consider sharing this article so that others may "Ask JaceMan" too!
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